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My WomanSpeak


" In the past, I withheld myself.
Hiding behind an invisible cloak"

My WS journey started as I held a desire to be seen and to be heard

My WS journey started as I held a desire to be seen and to be heard

My WS journey started as I held a desire to be seen and to be heard

My WomanSpeak Journey


tion Headline

" In the past, I withheld myself.
Hiding behind a invisible cloak"

February 2018 in my home town - Brisbane Australia,

I was drawn to attend a Women's Public Speaking workshop. This spur of the moment decision led me to a women’s circle which offered the support, education and celebration which I craved.

For many years I'd been looking for a way to feel comfortable and proficient in sharing the wisdom I had acquired from the unique transformational experiences I have undergone, by taking many roads 'less travelled' during my life.

Immediately I knew I had found something really special and profound - A female centric program which acknowledges and empowers women. Assisting them to rise to their fullest expression.

Attending this WomanSpeak circle offered a safe container to bring voice to my desires and wisdom. Enabling me to feel extremely comfortable with my innate knowledge and power.

It was a blessing to find the WomanSpeak program, as well as Chantal Roelofs my circle leader and all the amazing women in my WomanSpeak circle. With Chantal’s affirming guidance, I underwent a 16 month transformational journey and obtained my WomanSpeak Certification.

In 2018 I attended a WomanSpeak foundation course with WomanSpeak founder KC Baker. Experiencing KC’s teaching from her personally supported me in embracing and embodying the power of this work.

Residing in West Dorset UK since 2020 - On first arriving I was fortunate to live and work as a member of The Othona Community. Which offers spirituality and community in an outstandingly beautiful location, east of Burton Bradstock.

Hosting and holding workshops and retreats, the community offers visitors a place to take time away from the stresses of their lives. Allowing them the opportunity to rest, learn, grow and have time of contemplation.

The retreat house was an ideal place to develop myself in many areas. I hosted and facilitated retreats supporting people in their own spiritual and personal development.

Settling into my new life in Dorset is something I have welcomed wholeheartedly. I am now focusing on developing my skills in storytelling/poetry and speech craft.

I have found a new love in the spoken word world. I am a member and Communications Director of a poetry collective called The Jawbone Collective.

As a WomanSpeak licensed Circle leader gives me an opportunity to support women locally and globally to fully live into their truest expression!

My WomanSpeak journey started because I had a desire to be seen and to be heard. However, I have to confess that I spent much of my childhood, teenage years and aspects of my adult life hiding. So much so that many people did not remember meeting me.

Does this sound familiar?

We start to heal the moment we feel heard

"We start to heal the moment we feel heard"

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